When your head says one thing and your whole life says another, your head always loses.

Frank McCloud, Key Largo

Our game is a City of Mist campaign set in a neo-noir world. We are now playing our very first case "Hunger".

How It all Began

A strange mystical event in the city's art museum awakens four sleepers and ties their lives together. Now, they must collaborate, if they want to unravel the strange forces behind their mythoi.


  • Ethan Harold: Delivery man and the manifestation of Theseus, the greek hero.
  • Lee Ann Tuohy: Philantroper and Museum's supporter who also happens to be the rift for Trinity.
  • Michael Sharpe: Artist, photographer and  rift for the ancient darkness.
  • Violet: A female archeologist and the rift for Matilda, a little girl trying to find her place in a neglecting adult's world.
  • Bonnie: Ex-COO of DeHunt Assets, but now a homeless woman in her 50s and the rift for Maya.

The city

Cheatsheet and rule summary

The Riftstone Archives

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